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A process of intervention is often the first step combating substance abuse and addiction to illegal drugs, painkillers, or alcohol. In Arkansas there are many different options available for treatment. There are also professionals available to help family members or friends organize an intervention.

ArkansasThis first step, though it may be very uncomfortable for everyone involved, requires dedication and commitment from loved ones. An intervention is not meant to attack the person with the substance abuse problem. It is designed to let the individual know that loved ones are concerned and want the person to seek help, for a happier, substance-free life and future.

It is meant to be done out of love and concern, rather than out of anger and disappointment. A positive approach in organizing the event is helpful in achieving success. The ultimate goal should be for the substance abuser to admit to a problem, realize the need for treatment, and agree to seek treatment.

Often when an intervention is organized the individual is given few choices in the type of treatment selected by loved ones. This is counter productive if the individual’s situation and needs are not considered. The person with the addiction should have treatment options available that agree with his or her personal philosophy and views on treatment in general.

There are a couple types of interventions that are commonly used. The surprise gathering is more likely to put the individual on the defensive. However, this is often the only options for loved ones when the person suffering from addiction is in denial and is on a rapid path of self-destruction or may be hurting others.

All who participate in the process should decide what approach will be used in confronting the individual. They will need to decide who is participating, and the location and time the event will occur.

A surprise intervention should have some consequences associated with the individual being unwilling to seek any type of treatment or substance abuse services. Loved ones will often tell the individual with the addiction how his or her behavior is hurting or affecting their lives, as well as how much it hurts to watch the person self-destruct. This is done not to shame or embarrass the individual but to get the point across about the serious nature of the problem.

There are plenty of options for treatment in Arkansas including inpatient, outpatient, and day treatment programs, depending on the severity and nature of the problem. Individuals who are at risk of hurting themselves and others may require inpatient treatment, at least initially. Those who are less at risk may do well in outpatient or day treatment programs.

A casual intervention is one in which the individual may be aware of the meeting. Loved ones may schedule a time to meet with a substance abuse counselor that is convenient for everyone, in order to talk through the issues and decide on a plan of action that is agreeable to everyone. Usually there are no consequences stated at this type of meeting, though loved ones may point out the way the addict or others may be suffering.

Regardless of the type of intervention being organized, loved ones should approach the process out of concern and love, rather than out of anger. This helps create a more positive experience and helps the professional counselor work with the emotions and statements given to the person with the addiction problem.

Plenty of time should be allowed for the event to unfold naturally. Options for treatment should also be given to the individual, as there are many good facilities throughout Arkansas with professionals skilled at treating substance abuse.