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Alcohol addiction

Alcoholism is a major problem in Florida with alcohol falling among the most abused substances in America. Addiction to alcohol develops fast and is accelerated by the fact the liquor is available in many places and it has very little restriction (only an adult age restriction and driving/ operating machines while drunk).

Alcohol is a depressant psychoactive drug which slows the mind and central nervous system. This induces some dizziness, numbing, lowered concentration and decreased alertness in addition to reducing the tempo of breathing, respiration, digestion etc. Alcohol is abused mostly because of the numbing effects it has on the nerves as well as the drunkenness it induces in the mind, making everything process slowly in the mind.

Substance abuse and dependence

Substance abuse or drug abuse is the intake of drugs (chemical substances) without or against the normal intake instructions and amounts. Since most recreational drugs do not even have a prescription, intake of extreme amounts or at frequent intervals is abuse because it does not give the body time to deal with the effects safely. Again, abuse causes extreme change in cell composition (by the abused drugs) resulting in much destruction of the cells and inefficiency of the body and mind.

Tolerance and addiction

Increased intake of alcohol and drugs increases tolerance; reducing the effects the brain and body have compared to previous amounts and this make addicts take in more alcohol or drugs to quench their cravings. This develops into addiction (perpetual physical and mental compulsion) and any attempt to withdraw from it triggers withdrawal symptoms.


An intervention is sometimes what is required to open someone’s eyes to the struggle they are having with an addiction to any type of substance. As if often the case, the problem is often apparent to those around them, and they are often not aware of it, somewhat blind to the fact that there is a problem, which is one way that denial is observed and used in this context.

One may want to look into the help of a professional substance abuse interventionist if there is any doubt or if they haven’t any experience with this, for it can have a huge impact on the lives of all involved, it is a very sensitive matter and can easily go way wrong and even get out of control.

The idea with an intervention is not to ridicule the called forth individual, but rather show that those who care about him or her are concerned and see that a problem has developed, and hope that he or she will agree to seek help. This is not the place to vent and make the person feel bad for that can create bigger problems and not achieve the goal with interventions, which is to get the addicted individual help. As careless as they may seem, they very often are dealing with a serious struggle of their own and are quite fragile, especially in the sober state of mind that they need to be in for one of these to take place.

Treatment center in Florida

Florida has many alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers. Intervention is very important at any stage of alcoholism or substance addiction to prevent the situation from getting worse. Individuals from all over the State can choose any of the treatment facilities to receive assistance with getting off the substances and stay stopped.

Any prospective facility (whether charging for its services or not) should have qualified medical doctors and substance abuse staff. All the involved staff in the treatment center should be non-stigmatizing (verbally or otherwise) and should all offer support to the individuals as they get their treatment.

Substance abuse treatment

Treatment for alcohol and drug dependence is both a physical and mental process aimed at helping the addicts get off the drugs. It is done by detoxification and continued forms of therapy.

Therapy is an important process though it is mostly seen as a behind the scene operation. However, through counseling and therapy, the addict is helped to understand why they need the treatment while the counselors are able to understand what the specific needs of the particular patient are; hence developing a tailor-made treatment program. Therapy is also carried out during the detoxification process to enable the individual understand the changes going through their bodies and minds and hence gather enough will to overcome the withdrawal.


This is the physical part of treatment which is aimed at helping the body and mind get off the drug by eliminating the reside in the system. Further intake of alcohol is stopped (gradually to avoid withdrawals) and a treating drug or medication is often introduced to treat the withdrawals as well as displace alcohol molecules from the body and mind’s cells.¬†Alcohol and drug addiction, though quite destructive to the individual, their families and the society in general, are luckily treatable.