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When a loved one is having problems with drug addiction, you may have learned something very important. Drug addiction not only affects the person who is using drugs, but other people in his life as well. If you are concerned about what drug abuse is doing to your loved one, and the effects it is having on you, perhaps you should consider an addiction intervention, and there are a number of resources in Arizona that can help you.

The purpose of an intervention is to get an addict into a treatment program. Depending on his situation, he may need detox before starting a traditional treatment program.

ArizonaIn some instances, interventions are successful, while in others they are not. There are ways to increase the chance of your intervention having good results.

First, make sure there is nothing about your loved one’s situation that would make an intervention too risky. A history of violence or suicide attempts, or extreme mental illness, would all make an intervention unwise. In these kinds of situations it is better to seek professional assistance in dealing with your loved one. An intervention should not result in violence or other tragedies.

Second, choose a small group of people, and meet together when your loved one is not around. If you can rehearse what each person will say during the intervention, it can give you confidence, help the intervention stay on a calm level, and eliminate unnecessary confusion. You and the others can plan to inform him that you are all aware of his addiction, the problems it has caused to him and to others, and that addiction treatment is the only sensible course of action.

Third, as you will be presenting two options to your loved one, know what steps you will take for each possible outcome. As examples, you can offer to drive him to the center if he agrees to go, or tell him he can no longer live with you if he does not consent to treatment. Make the decisions in advance, and be sure you will follow through with those decisions afterward.

Fourth, have solid plans for these possibilities before you schedule the intervention. You can find a treatment center or detox facility, and let the staff know you are planning an intervention. They can be ready to sign him in if he shows up after the intervention. If the intervention does not go well, you must be willing to follow through with the consequences. The others who are present must also do their part.

Fifth, consider asking an intervention specialist for advice and assistance. In addition to being able to help you with the intervention and plans, the presence of a person who is completely objective can help your loved one see his need for treatment is not a personal issue on your part. Without a specialist, he may claim you are not telling the truth, that his drug problem is not as serious as you say it is, or that he can deal with it himself.

When it comes to a drug or alcohol addiction intervention, one important key is to focus on the best outcome, but be prepared for a negative outcome. Another key is to plan everything very carefully.

As drug addiction is an emotional topic, you cannot afford to let your emotions take over during an intervention. Careful planning and rehearsing in advance means you are doing everything you possibly can to make the intervention a success. How your loved one reacts and the choice he makes must be his own responsibility.

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