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TennesseeWhen addiction has turned someone in your family into a stranger, you may already know he needs professional help. You are concerned about his safety, his health, and his life, as well as worrying about how his addiction affects you and other people. If it has reached the point of knowing he needs treatment as soon as possible, an addiction intervention may be the solution.

An intervention will get the facts about his addiction out into the open. Whether he realizes he has a problem or insists he does not, you and the other participants will have the opportunity to inform him of the damage his addiction is causing to himself and to others, to let him know about the treatment that is available, and to present options that can help him make the right decision.

Seeing your loved one turn into a stranger because of drug abuse or alcoholism is difficult for you and other people in his life. Whether or not he has actively harmed another human being, there is a lack of trust, and often fear, confusion, and anger. Whether he has expected you to make excuses for his addiction, or to simply watch what substance abuse is doing to him, an intervention is the point where you can inform him you will no longer tolerate it.

Your confusion and strong emotions make it wise to consult with an interventionist. As the entire point of an intervention is to encourage him to seek treatment of his own free will, the experiences you are having with your loved one can make it impossible to stay objective.

Accusations, threats, and other emotional scenes will not urge him into a treatment program. An interventionist can keep the intervention calm and rational.

Your loved one could greatly harm himself, or even die, from drug or alcohol addiction. In the meanwhile, he can ruin his relationships with everyone in his life, have personality changes from which he cannot even recognize himself, and start to develop health problems that can affect him for the rest of his life.

Whether your loved one appears to have reached the point of no return, or is only showing the first signs of being affected by addiction, it is not too soon to stage an intervention. As a family member of an addict, you cannot expect an overnight cure.

What you can expect from treatment is for your loved one to have a healthier, higher quality life than the life he has today. If the meeting is successful, he will realize he needs help and be willing to accept it. If he does not make the right decision, you will know you have done everything possible to help him.

Procrastinating is never the best approach when someone is abusing drugs. Contact an interventionist Tennessee to plan this process today. It can be the best approach to help your family member with his addiction.