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UtahWhen people think of interventions, they often think it is about forcing someone to do something he does not want to do, or suffering terrible consequences. An intervention can have an entirely different approach. A positive approach to an addiction intervention will show your loved one that he has choices.

When alcoholism or drug abuse is in charge of your loved one’s life, he does not have many choices at all. At the most basic level, it involves not even having a choice over whether or not he uses the substances.

If he has reached the point of being aware of this fact, he may be grateful for an intervention. It gives him the choice to stop using, and go to treatment.

Unfortunately, not all addicts reach this point before an intervention. You may need to let him know what substance abuse is doing to him, and to the other people in his life. You need to be able to make this clear without accusations, guilt-trips, or threats. He may decide that choosing treatment is the best course of action for everyone concerned.

If he cannot be reasoned with, you must be clear about where you stand. Not choosing treatment means there is only one other option. You and the other people who participate in the intervention must be prepared to stop enabling his way of life. Drug and alcohol addiction are destructive, not only to your loved one but to you as well. An intervention can put an end to the destructive effects of substance abuse.

During the intervention you can present him with both options. He can choose to sign into an addiction treatment center for help, or deal with his problems on his own until he changes his mind. If he knows you mean what you say, it may be enough to lead him to the right decision. If not, he is choosing to take on the responsibility of refusing treatment.

If you have questions, doubts, or reservations about staging an intervention, you can receive excellent assistance from an interventionist. In addition to coaching you beforehand, and being present if you wish, an interventionist can help you find a treatment facility for your loved one. Whether you do not know anything about facilities, or are not sure which one would be right for him, an intervention specialist has all the answers you need.

A good substance abuse intervention is not about cornering your loved one and causing him to become defensive. Emotional scenes and angry outbursts cannot accomplish anything. Instead, if you take the approach that you are offering him choices, it can lead to much better results.

Alcoholism and drug abuse are stressful for everyone in your loved one’s life. Regardless of how long he has been abusing drugs or alcohol, it is not too soon to encourage him to seek treatment. Whether his substance abuse has already caused many problems to him and to others, or whether you want to prevent any serious problems from occurring, an intervention can be a good way to get him into treatment with the least amount of difficulty.

Whether you plan to seek help from a specialist or plan to stage a meeting on your own, do not hesitate to begin planning. Gather a few of his closest friends or family members together, and let them know what you will be doing.

Make sure they understand the reason, and agree with your plans. Set a date and location for your meeting, and prepare to offer these choices to your loved one. If you are prepared for any possible outcome, you may be pleasantly surprised with the results.