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VermontThere are numerous ways to get a person into addiction treatment. Some are more effective than others. While substance abuse interventions have a very high rate of success, you can increase the chance that your addiction intervention will work.

One way to increase the chance of a successful intervention is to hire an interventionist. A trained interventionist can provide valuable information, advice, and resources. He can help you plan every aspect of the intervention, and can even be there in person.

Second, know what you are looking for when you choose people to participate. It is usually better to have a small group. People who are extremely upset with your loved one may not be able to contribute rationally to the intervention. Individuals who are capable of discussing the issues without becoming emotional are better choices.

Good planning is essential. In addition to considering the best time and place for the intervention, each person should know his or her role in advance. One way to accomplish this is to call everyone together to discuss the intervention, and rehearse each person’s part.

Planning for the outcome is equally important. If the intervention goes well and your loved one consents to treatment, you need a plan for where you will take him. It is a good idea to speak with a treatment center in advance, letting them know you are staging an intervention, and letting them know he may arrive on a certain date.

Choosing a treatment center is an additional benefit of having assistance from an interventionist. You may not know where centers are located, the types of services or programs they offer, or the cost. An interventionist can provide the information you need, and help you decide which center is best for your loved one.

Unfortunately, you also must plan for an unsuccessful intervention. You and the other participants should discuss reasonable consequences in the event your loved one does not cooperate. It is essential for each person to be willing to follow through with the consequences. It will not be helpful if someone backs down and gives him whatever he wants.

Careful planning will increase the chance that your intervention will help your loved one choose treatment over active addiction. However, it is not possible to guarantee the results. Your loved one may be so confused by his alcoholism or drug addiction that an intervention cannot get through to him. This is why it is necessary to be prepared for the worst, while hoping for the best.

Drug and alcohol addiction can be nearly as difficult for family members and friends as it is for the addict himself. A substance abuse intervention is a way to let your loved one know you care about what he is going through, and to inform him he has another option. It is also a time to let him know you will no longer enable his addiction, nor take responsibility for his behavior.

An addiction intervention may have excellent results, or your loved one may not be cooperative. You will be able to find help wherever you are located in the state of Vermont. While keeping these points in mind can make good results more likely, whatever the outcome, you will know you did your best.